Smart Card Solutions

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Smart card is that cad which contain some unique options, unique identity, unique security option & also contain unique hologram. There are two types of cards is used for the smart card system.

1. RF proximity card

2. IC & RF combine card

RF proximity card :

The RF card is conation an unique ID number, which is used for the access control system, and also able to assign various security options. Such as, QR code, bar code, UV logo, micro tax, built-in mac address and many more.

IC & RF combine card:

The combine card is more secure for the smart card system. It’s contain RF ID as well as chips, the chips is contain 16kb to 64kb data in his memories. This card contain all the feature of RF card & also strode the unique information in his chips. That’s why it’s much secure than the RF Proximity cards.

Why Smart Card:

Smart card is usually used for the security purpose . As usual normal PVC card is found in any local market where, it’s only the printed card. There is no security option in this card. If you want to ensure high security in your card than you must comes in the smart card system. The Security Options is in the bellow.

Combine card

  • IC Chip 64 kb
  • RF 125 khz

Customized Hologram

  • (3D Patch Lamination)


Intrigrated chip Security

  • Public key infrastructure
  • Unique ID .
  • Facial Biometric .
  • Finger Print Biometric . Signature.
  • Personal Information.
Printing Security

  • Ultraviolet Security .
  • Hidden Mac Address.
  • Micro Tex .
  • 600 dpi image printing.
  • Edge to Edge printing.
  • Barcode or QR Code



Required Hardware for the system:

  • High Configuration Computer & server computer.
  • XID-8600, 600dpi UV retransfer printer( using UV ribbon).
  • IML-DS Lamination Unit (Using logographic patch/overlay) .
  • Finger Print Scanner .
  • Signature Pad .
  • IC Writer & reader .
  • Digital camera RF Reader.

Required Software for the system:

  • WAMP. Visual Studio 15 .
  • Crystal Report 15 .
  • Dot Net Framework 4.5 .
  • Adobe Photoshop cc .
  • Customized software.

Programming Language

  • php
  • MySql

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