Human Resource & Inventory Management System (HRM)

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SB Human Resource and Payroll Management Pro
When your human resources solution delivers everything you need in one place, you can achieve more and do it faster and at a lower cost. That’s exactly what you’ll get with SB® HR Payroll Management Pro™. A single system contains all employee records, giving you easy access to the information you need to reduce errors, enforce policies consistently, and build your business.
Personal Information Management
Employee Leave Management
Time and Attendance Management
Job Opening, Applicants Management, Recruitment
Employee Performance Evaluation
Employee Self Service
Dynamic Dashboard
System Administration
Features in Details:
Save Time & Be Organized
SB HR is the easiest way to organize your employee files. Store all your confidential information in one place and say goodbye to filing cabinets and cumbersome spreadsheets!
Company Property
Know which employee has what tool or equipment. This module will help the company control loss and ensure property is returned when an employee separates from the company.
Salary & Job History
Document all salary and job changes. View the salary history of each employee including salary, bonuses and all deductions. Quickly view work history such as promotions and length of employment in a position.
Job Performance Reviews
Track all employee’s performance reviews including past reviews. Select from the list of standard review forms or customize one for your company.
Track Vacation, Leaves and Attendance
You don’t have to work with a complicated spreadsheet again. Input your company’s vacation and leave policies and software will track the number of days available based on years of service.
Training, Skills and Awards
Track individual skills; store required courses, certifications and grades received. Document all awards, accomplishments and recognition each employee has received over the years.
Warnings & Disciplinary Actions
Document all written and verbal warnings. Capture employee and supervisor comments plus disciplinary actions.
Define benefits plans for each employee. Track their eligibility dates, premiums paid, beneficiaries, multi-employer coverage.



  • Company Details
  • Company Holiday List
  • Leave Types Details
  • Professional Tax Details
  • Allowance/Deduction/Bonus Policy
  • Facility Details
  • Share Holder List by Branch
  • Share Holder Professional List
  • Birth Date Notification Report
  • Appointment Letter in Predefined Format
  • Shareholder List wise Report



  • Employee Joining Information
  • Employee Probation Details
  • Employee Profile
  • Employee Salary Structure
  • Transfer / Promotion Details
  • Salary Increment Details
  • Document submitted Details
  • Resigned Employee Details
  • Department Wise Employee List
  • Blood Group Employee List
  • Assets Given to Employee
  • Family Background Details
  • Emergency Address – Contacts Details
  • Awards Given to Employee
  • Birthday List
  • Employee Training History
  • Employee Appraisals History
  • Employee wise Age Listing
  • Date wise Birth Information by Employee
  • Employee Contact Number Listing
  • Employee Warning Letter
  • Date of Marriage Information Report by Employee
  • Confirmation of Service Note Sheet by Employee
  • Resignation Note Sheet by Employee


Leave & Attendance:

  • Employee Leave Application
  • Employee Leave Approval
  • Leave Balance
  • Late Coming
  • Early Going
  • Compensate Off Details
  • Over Time Details
  • Employee Total Over Time Hours
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Daily Absent Report
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Monthly Present & Working Days Report By Employee
  • Monthly Leave Count By Employee



  • Salary Heads Details
  • Monthly Salary Register
  • Salary Statement
    • Salary Cash Statement
    • Salary Cheque Statement
  • Salary Slip
  • Bonus Details
  • Allowance & Deduction Details
  • Employee wise Addition-Deduction by Month
  • Employee Bank Account Number wise Monthly salary
  • Employee wise PF Statement by Month
  • Extra/PS Payment Report by Employee
  • Fixed IT Deduction Report
  • PF Deduction Report By Employee
  • Leave Deduction Report by Employee
  • Bank Advice Report By Month
  • Salary Sheet by Month & Bank Account
  • Salary Sheet By Month –  Cash Payment
  • Cash Payment Salary Sheet
  • Payment Sheet By Month
  • Total Monthly Salary By Office



  • Loan Types
  • Loan Balance Details
  • Loan Payment Details
  • Loan Apply List
  • Loan Approval Details
  • Loan Deduction Report By Employee



  • Appraisals Question List
  • Appraisals Details
  • Appraisals Summary

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