Attendance & Payroll Software

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SB Attendance Master Pro® – Time and attendance software is a type of business application designed to track and optimize the hours that employees spend on the job and keep records of wages and salaries paid.


Attendance Features Time Attendance Leave Management
Online attendance system
Auto Attendance Logs import
Quick attendance setup, Easy Learning, ID Card Attendance Identification, Finger Print Biometrics Attendance &
Password Attendance System



Online Time Attendance,
Track time who comes late,
Track time who leaves early,
Manage Overtime,
Manage Shift and Day-off,
Manage Holidays,
Find who is present/absent

Online leave management,
Define Leave Type and Policy,
Send Leave Application online,
Approve Leave by Online,
Track Employees on Leave,
Leave Summary and Detail, Official Visits Posting Facility



Admin Login Manager Login Analytical Reports
Manage Employee Information
View Daily, Monthly, Annual Attendance Reports
Manage Shift and Day Offs
Plan Holidays
Manage Overtime
Manage Subordinate Employees
Apply Leaves and Official Visits
Approve Leave Applications
View Daily, Monthly, Annual Attendance Reports
Manage Shift and Day Offs
Daily Attendance Report
Monthly Worked Hour Reports
Annual Attendance Report
Individual Leave and Official Visit Report
Summary Leave and Official Visit Report
Overtime Reports



  • Employee Personal Information
  • Employee List
  • Leave Policy
  • Employee wise Leave Application
  • Employee Leave History
  • Employee Discontinue Report by Month & Year
  • Attendance Report
    • Daily Attendance Detail Report
    • Late Report By Branch
    • Employee Monthly Attendance
    • Employee Daily Attendance
    • Employee-wise Over Time
    • Department-wise Over Time
    • Department-wise Late by Date
    • Employee-wise Late by Department
    • Department-wise Early Out
    • Employee-wise Early Out


  • Payroll Report
    • Payroll Budgeting By Section for Specific Date
    • Overtime Budgeting By Section for Specific Date
    • Employee wise Pay slip
    • Monthly Salary Statement By Section
    • Monthly Salary Statement By Department
    • Salary Statement for Buyer

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